After bubbling under the surface for the past few years, Hidden Herd‘s favourite purveyors of 80s-flecked bangers Pelicandy have hit the ground running in 2019.

Once a trio, now a duo, the rejuvenated Pelicandy have reemerged with a slew of sparkly synth-pop singles, neatly paving the way for hook-filled first EP ‘Underlove’.

Before Pelicandy bring their irresistible new tunes to Hidden Herd Presents at The Finsbury on Friday 18th October, we caught up with them to get the lowdown.

How would you describe Pelicandy to a stranger?

“Synth-driven alternative pop music.”

Who are the biggest influences on your sound and why?

“More and more we find influences in mainstream and modern music we perhaps wouldn’t have acknowledged as much before. Instead of being influenced solely by greats like Pixies and Prince there will be certain clever things we’ll hear, say in a Lizzo track, that we’ll be like “That’s cool. Let’s figure out how they did that and do our own version of it.”

What was the best gig you’ve played so far?

“We just played our very first headline show at The Waiting Room in London. It was the first show with the new setup we’re gonna be performing with from now on, and it felt pretty great to have arrived at a formula that seems to really connect with our audience.”

You’re based in London – what’s your local music scene like?

“Enormous! We’ve inadvertently exiled ourselves a bit from all the usual haunts recently to work on the music and the live show, but there are tons of amazing acts emerging all the time.”

Who are the THREE other new artists we should listen to right now and why?

“We’ve been fans of CC Honeymoon for a while – his live show is amazing! We’re really looking forward to playing with him again at The Finsbury for Hidden Herd Presents. Also, Grace Lightman has put out a mega impressive debut record recently and our old bass player Junior’s new band Malady are well worth seeking out.”

And finally, what does the rest of 2019 hold for Pelicandy?

“We’ve just released our debut EP ‘Underlove’, so it’s a case of getting those songs out with this new live show of ours to as many people as possible from now until the end of the year!”

Pelicandy will play Hidden Herd Presents at The Finsbury on Friday 18th October alongside CC Honeymoon, Vanity Fairy and Videocean. Free tickets are available via DICE and Eventbrite.