PILLARS‘ latest track ‘Two’s A Crowd‘ (as featured here) continued her journey through noir-pop with a notable allure. The London-based singer has a distinctive sincerity to her music and lyrics, discussing her own battles with mental health in her upcoming EP Honest People to offer music that’s both vulnerable and brave. By bringing these emotions to her listeners, she’s created an opus that resonates with many.

Two’s A Crowd‘ is a stunning track. How did the inspiration for this track come about?

I was wandering around Dalston high street on a date during late February 2016 – actually, the first date I had been on since being diagnosed with anorexia. I was jumping through hoops to try and impress this guy rather than asking myself how I really felt, how comfortable I was and about how he made me feel. The truth was (alongside being so incredibly cold!) I was fishing for attention to try and replace the lack of love I had for myself. The whole experience emphasised the lack of self worth I had at the time. I truly thought I was ready to start living a normal life again but it turned out I still had a lot of self exploration to cover. At the time I knew I needed to be alone even if it seemed like the hardest thing to do – two was becoming a crowd.

Can you tell us a bit about your upcoming EP ‘Honest People‘?

It’s a journey – each song was written at a different stage of my recovery from anorexia. Anorexia really steals you from enjoying life and locks you away. I was mentally and physically locked away during this journey as I lived in a loft conversion in Acton at the time, existing reclusively due to my fragility, where this whole EP was written. Releasing this EP has really brought a sense of closure to the whole experience so it was important for me to get this out into the ether.

Where did the name PILLARS originate from?

A pillarist is a type of Christian ascetic who lives reclusively, preaching and exploring ones self. At the time that I began writing as PILLARS I guess I was doing much the same. I had no friends, no money to go and meet new people and a thirst to explore my music in ways I hadn’t done previously. I really was a recluse for a good year or so before I decided to birth my new music into the world and begin telling my stories.

Who would you say are your biggest influences?

I’m a fan of people who can really bare themselves in the songwriting – create something pure and telling. In that respect I have a lot of time for artists like Keaton Henson, Daudi Matsiko, John Grant, SIA…but I also have this love for experimenting in the studio and so anyone who explores this I’m a huge fan of. Take Bjork for example – she knows the standards of studio mic technique but just sacks it off in order to create something totally new. She’s proof that breaking rules can be creatively rewarding!

Are there any other artists or bands out there that you’ve currently got your eyes on?

I try and listen to a new album every week to keep things fresh. As mentioned above I’m listening to Daudi Matsiko this week. Who knows what next weeks album will be…suggestions?

What does 2018 hold for you?

More writing – always writing. Hopefully a few shows with my new live band too…keep your eyes peeled folks!