With blistering tunes that lurk somewhere between the visceral thrills of My Bloody Valentine and the proto-grunge trailblazing of Pixies, PROJECTOR are whipping up momentum on the south coast and beyond.

For an entry point to the Brighton band’s music, tap “play” on latest scuzzy single ‘Superstar’: the perfect introduction to their explosive alt-rock with a bruising combo of floor-shuddering bass, atmospheric guitar lines and a meteoric chorus.

Before PROJECTOR play Hidden Herd Festival 2020 at Brighton’s Patterns on Saturday 21st March, we spoke to band members Lucy Sheehan and Edward Ensbury about their influences and more.

How would you describe PROJECTOR to a stranger?

Edward (vocals/guitar): “A device that is used to project rays of light, especially an apparatus with a system of lenses for projecting slides or film on to a screen.”

Lucy (vocals/bass): “Lol. PROJECTOR are a band unable to decide whether they want to be in Alvvays or Mudhoney.”

Who are the biggest influences on your sound and why?

Lucy (vocals/bass): “Realistically it’s bands like the Pixies – that mixture of harsh and lush is probably the key to our sound. Equally I’d say Edward and I have a lot of disparate influences that don’t fall into that 90s alt-band category – Grimes, MGMT’s new stuff, David Bowie, King Krule, Radiohead etc. All that said, I think melody is the essential thing – you might have an amazing sound but it doesn’t mean anything if there isn’t a song. If it stands up on an acoustic you’re 90% there.”

What was the best gig you’ve played so far?

Lucy (vocals/bass): “I had a really good time recently playing with Gender Roles – they’re lovely guys, we almost managed a full band crowd surf during their set.”

Edward (vocals/guitar): “Supporting Desperate Journalist at the Garage was pretty special.”

You’re based in Brighton – what’s your local music scene like?

Lucy (vocals/bass): “Pretty versatile and supportive. There are obviously the usual set of cool dudes with their heads up their anal passages but for the most part everyone’s very nice. Several of my favourite bands started in Brighton – Tigercub, Demob, Sick Joy etc – so I give it 10/10.”

Who are the THREE other new artists we should listen to right now and why?

Lucy (vocals/bass): “I love Murmur. They played me their new stuff recently and it’s awesome. Amazing tone and excellent songwriting.”

Edward (vocals/guitar): “Demonstrations are wonderful. All the songs are well crafted and topped with idiosyncratic vocals. Annnnndd Public Body also. Mad level of musicianship and more twists and turns than you thought possible to fit into 3-minute tunes. I know that’s three already, but also Laundromat. Only the one song released but it’s lovely.”

You’re playing Hidden Herd Festival 2020 in March – which other bands are you most looking forward to seeing on the day?

Lucy (vocals/bass): “I’m a big fan of Circe, she’s playing with us at our Lexington headline in April. Alexa has such a beautiful voice, an underrated thing nowadays. Also the lovely ladies of ARXX who are smashing it right now.”

Edward (vocals/guitar): “Very excited for Bdrmm. They have some lovely guitar lines.”

And finally, what does the rest of 2020 hold for PROJECTOR?

Lucy (vocals/bass): “EP2! We’re working with our man Ben Hampson but this is definitely not ‘How Does It Feel?’ 2.0 – the vibes will be fresh and strange. I started writing a lot with loops and drum machines last year. The average BPM is up by 30%.”

Edward (vocals/guitar): “And we will tour the fuck out of it. Nationwide, four-hour sets, pyro etc.”

PROJECTOR will play Hidden Herd Festival 2020 at Brighton’s Patterns on Saturday 21st March alongside Flyte, Low Island, Girlhood, Mosa Wild, Bdrmm, Kate Lomas, Circe, MULIMBA, ARXX, Deep Tan and Comforts. Don’t miss out – book tickets now via DICE.