We caught up with rising songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Sands prior to the release of his debut single ‘Poison In You’, the first track from his upcoming debut EP.

‘Poison in You’ (the first single from your upcoming debut EP), shows an impressive depth. Who would you cite as your influences?

There’s really so many because a love an awful lot of artists. Let me mention a few: Neil Young, The Smiths, Bowie, Talk Talk, Stone Roses, Spiritualized, Mark Lanegan, Primal Scream, David Lynch, Echo and The Bunnymen. Still so so many to list.

You started making music at the tender age of 13 – how has your writing style progressed throughout the years?

I hope from crap to decent! I think it progresses as your taste does. Like the records and artists (films and art too) you’re more into at a certain time do affect your output

Is your current sound the culmination of a long journey? Or do you see your style growing and evolving as you do?

A record and the sound of it to me reflects, like I said, what you’re into and who you are at that time, what you’ve been through in your life. We’ll see what’s next then, when I’ll put together some new material.

Being a multi-instrumentalist, do you enjoy being able to write from a single creative mind, or do you also enjoy working with others?

Both are good, but for this thing so far I’m doin it on my own. And I tell you at times it’s difficult enough to find the one path in between the multiple options that I put on the table. So it’s fIne like this now.

2017 looks like it’s going to be big year for you. What are your plans?

There’s another 10 tracks already recorded, so an album at some point is gonna be following this coming EP. Find a band asap, I need one.

Which other artists do you currently have your eyes on?

The Horrors, The Black Angels, The War On Drugs, Young Fathers, Forest Swords..
The other day I listened to the new record by Priests and I enjoyed it.

Sands‘ debut single ‘Poison In You‘ is released this Friday. Pre-order is available here: http://radi.al/SandsSands