After their fantastic debut album ‘Everybody Wants’, The Struts are back with a bang along with their latest track; ‘One Night Only’. Their energetic live shows have seen them sell out tours across America but they’re back in London this September to showcase tracks from their upcoming album, with hits such as ‘Kiss This’ and ‘Could Have Been Me’. We caught up with frontman Luke Spiller about the band’s new track, touring and what the future holds for The Struts.

One Night Only’ is superb. How did the track come about?

Well thank you very much! So ‘One Night Only‘ was actually written not very long after our first album was released in the States. In fact I think it was one of the very first songs to have down for the second album. It’s a track that talks about the relationship between the performer and audience.

What’s the best gig you’ve ever played?

That’s quite a tough question to answer to be honest. I guess I would have to say supporting The Who in Canada. It’s not everyday you open up for such a legendary act. The sound onstage was superb and the audience was wonderful. Plus I got to try out my distinctively average French speaking skills. Great day!

You’ve played sold-out shows on both sides of the Atlantic, are there any major differences between playing in the UK and America?

Well we have not toured very much in the UK since coming over here to America. The days when we would play the UK and France were the days of a white van. We were always met by great size audiences that really made us hungry for more. But the shows we have done since coming to America have been next level to that. Larger crowds and big festivals. I seem to have a way with the American public too if you know what I mean. 

Have you got a favourite song to play live?

I did but it’s changing all the time. And with lots of new material just bursting to get out there, I’m not quite sure what that song is. There’s some massive songs on this second album that when performing live, will blow people’s head’s off. Let’s wait and see.

And finally, what does the rest of 2017 hold for The Struts?

Well, we will be heading back to play the UK for one night only after returning from Japan. Then head back to the States to go on tour with Foo Fighters. In some ways I can’t believe I just said that. Any minute now I feel like I might wake up in that white van travelling through the UK. And of course on top of that we will be shooting a video for ‘One Night Only‘ and putting the finishing touches on our second album. Honestly it’s huge. Watch this space.

The Struts descend on Camden’s Electric Ballroom on the 18th of September, make sure you grab tickets here.