Leeds art-rock quintet The Golden Age of TV have addictive indie-pop tunes by the bucketload, as they recently showed at our Lost In The Manor vs Hidden Herd night at The Finsbury in London’s north. With their latest whip-smart nugget ‘Beast’ making waves, we spoke to the hook-savvy newcomers about their past, present and future.

‘Beast’ is brilliant. How did the track come about?

“Thank you very much! It was a funny one for ages. The bass and drums really led it from the off but it took us a while to work out what direction to take it in. The old recordings of it were a lot more jagged with loads of ideas that we crammed in. When it came to recording it at Greenmount Studios, it was a case of honing all these ideas down and trimming it till we were happy with all the content and instrumentation. The lyrical theme of childhood anxieties and imagination was inspired by the initial otherworldly sound we started it with, but then, in turn, the way we approached the parts from that was inspired by Bea’s lyrics. We wanted something smooth yet intricate and slightly unsettling as the final result.”

How did The Golden Age of TV start out?

“We all knew each other separately as mates and we all were fans of our respective music and approach to writing before The Golden Age of TV. I’d already worked with Josh in various different projects, Andrew and I would sometimes meet up to write idea’s and work on each other’s tunes. We just joined our respective circles together. We picked our dream band team from our music mates and thankfully everyone agreed to meet up for a rehearsal. We all got in a room and made a load of noise and pretty much outlined ‘Between Each Brick’ in the first few sessions and went from there.”

What inspired your name?

“It’s an altered lyric from Father John Misty’s tune ‘Holy Shit’. It just instantly clicked with how we wanted to sound and the concept associated with it. We started running away with these mad ideas for visuals and props which felt like a good sign. We like the sarcasm that comes with it and the references you can draw from popular culture, something that ‘Holy Shit’ does really well. It’s definitely helped shape the band’s imagery and approach to writing which is cool. Imagine a dystopian living room with an old TV blaring out a glitzy 70s game show. That’s sort of where we like to sit.”

Who are the Top 5 biggest influences on your sound right now?

“Well, there’s five of us, and I think we all influence each other due to there being a real division of taste in the band. We have a habit of borrowing sounds and feelings from our favourite artists, for example, Ryan (guitarist) bought a wacky pedal through listening to bands like King Gizzard and Thee Oh Sees and the way they use noise. Even then, we were listening to artists like St. Vincent and Bearfoot Beware while recording ‘Beast’. There’s a definite conflict in taste between all of us, and that middle ground is where our own tunes sit. We’ve been compared to Talking Heads before, and I think that’s because we try to hit a multitude of sounds, but it all comes together under The Golden Age of TV by the time we’ve finished writing.”

Any other new artists you have played with and would recommend?

“Check out Alex Cameron who we supported last year, he’s really blowing up at the moment. Team Picture are another local band who we’ve played with a few times and would definitely recommend getting to know. Aside from that, there’s just a lot going generally going on in the city at the moment! There are loads of collectives and DIY bands who are doing some really great things – it’s an amazing place to be making music at the moment.”

And finally, what does the future hold for The Golden Age of TV?

“We’re currently wrapped up in the ‘Beast’ release and promoting that, but we’ve got a few bits in the pipeline we’re working on.”