Hidden Herd-regulars The King’s Parade remain a firm favourite here, and for a simple reason; their soulful style resonates in a way that used to be reserved for nostalgic legends trapped in the past. With a sound that’s both sincere and refreshingly organic, we’re always keen to dig a little further into their growing repertoire. Following the release of their latest EP ‘Woman‘, we caught up to see what they’ve been upto.

The ‘Woman‘ EP is beautiful! How did the songs come about?

Thanks! The tracks aren’t really linked so each song has it’s own story. But in terms of the title track, ‘Woman‘, we wrote it as a response to the gender imbalance that we see around us every day. It seems that it’s ingrained and that there’s just this biological barrier that we men can’t or won’t break down. The idea behind the chorus was to try and make the phrase “Like a Woman” celebratory and empowering, rather than derogatory or belittling. It conveys the strength and determination/force of a woman breaking through.

How did The King’s Parade initially start out?

It all came together on a Hawaiian cruise liner… We played as the house band for three months to save up enough cash to move to London and here we are three years later.

What inspired your name?

A bunch of ridiculous nicknames that happened to be related to royalty. We called the drummer ‘King’ because he was the most militant when it came to organising the rehearsals and that eventually evolved into The King’s Parade.

Who would you cite as the biggest influences on your sound right now?

Alabama Shakes, Michael Kiwanuka, Half Moon Run and The Black Keys.

Are there any other artists you’ve played with that you’d recommend?

M W S, Jade Bird, George Taylor, Jordan MacKampa, Island and Anteros.

What does the future hold for you?

A few more festivals this summer and then we’re recording a string of singles starting in September. We’ve got tours booked in Germany and Spain in October and November so can’t wait to start playing the new songs live!