Founded a decade ago, Arizona quintet The Maine have gone from strength to strength with each of their six releases, building a devoted fanbase with infectiously catchy tracks such ‘Bad Behavior’, ‘Miles Away‘ and ‘Taxi‘. To celebrate their 10th anniversary this year, we caught up with bassist Garrett Nickelsen to talk about their current UK tour and more.

The band have been together for 10 years now, what are the major differences between now and when you first started?

“The biggest difference I think is knowledge. Since we’ve been doing this so long you really get to figure out what works for your band. It’s a very strange way to live your life so it can take a moment to get your bearings right. All the travel and time away from home makes relationships strange sometimes. It just takes time to figure out what works for you. Now band life is the only way I know how to live. It’s a lot better now haha.”

You’re currently touring the UK, does playing in England feel different to America in any way?

“The biggest difference is how often we come to the UK. In the US we are here more often so we can f**k with the set a little more. When we’ve been through a city four times that year we never want to do the same show twice so we feel like we have room to play lots of different tunes but since we go to the UK once or twice a record cycle we have to way out our song choice a little different. Maybe there is a song we’ve messed with in the States set but have never played the original version of the song over in the UK so you gotta go back to the original. It just means we have to go to the UK more.”

You’re doing everything independently through your own label. What’s that been like?

“It feels like the only way we can at this point. We’ve put out more records independently than on a label at this point. At this point i feel like we’d have a real hard time having people who had nothing to do with making out songs tell us if it is a good song or not. We’ve always been a band who were pretty difficult to work with because we have a strong vision and only like to do what we want. So even with the difficult parts it very much overways the plus sides.”

What was the recording process like for your latest album?

“It was perfect man. We built our own studio in-house looking over the ocean. We lived there for a month and just got to create music everyday. It was one of the most peaceful and exciting times of my life. We even had a hot tub that looked over the ocean! How could that not be the best time ever?”

Have you got any favourite songs to play live?

“New stuff is always fun but ‘We’ll All Be‘ has been such a fun one since we started playing it.”

So many great bands have supported you over the years, anyone you would especially recommend?

The Technicolors! Maybe the best live band I’ve ever seen and songs you want to hear every day till your death. Super Super excited to bring them to Europe for their first time. We’re gonna have the best time.”

You can pick up tickets for the band’s tour here and make sure you check out their excellent new album Lovely Little Lonely here.