Tiggi Hawke’s latest single ‘Neon Dancer‘ intertwines amazing production, courtesy of Lewis Gardener, and Hawke’s phenomenal energetic vocals. ‘Neon Dancer‘ follows Hawke’s acclaimed debut EP Burn Notice, which signalled her as the most exciting act to come from North London’s Tileyard Area since the legendary Mark Ronson. We managed to have a chat with Tiggi as she plans the rest of what’s going to be one of the biggest years of her career.

What bands do you find inspirational?

I would say everyone but I guess that’s a very sweeping statement but, for example, I think Dua Lipa has done so well and her music is great. The lyrics in her song with Martin Garrix are amazing. Lyrics are a big deal for me and it feels like they’re often skipped over so I love anything that’s lyrically strong. Chainsmoker’s new song with Coldplay has some amazing lyrics too, I love that song. I listen to a lot of stuff ranging from rock music to top 40 stuff. My mum was super into rock so I kinda of had a lot of that growing up.

What’s your favourite song to perform?

I think my favourite song to perform is my new single, ‘Neon Dancer‘. It’s just got so much energy, you can’t really perform it without it. I had so much fun filming the video to that song, everyone on set was amazing. I looked like a bad neon smurf and when I came downstairs, after 2 and half hours of make-up, the crew wouldn’t stop laughing.

Do you prefer playing live or recording?

I like the balance of both, they both come with different pressure. There’s the obvious pressure of performing live and sometimes you mess up but it’s just a learning curve. We’ve had some massive pre-show disasters, we’ve had some right howlers. The pressure with recording and writing is that you go into this room and you have to bring your A game because time with some people is so limited. I’m the kind of person that thrives off pressure and I work so much better that way.

Have you got a dream venue you would love to play?

Well this sounds ridiculous, it’s defiently Madison Square Garden, I would love to play there. I do dream about it sometimes. At the moment, I take every day as it comes but you have to dream big.

What’s the best gig you’ve ever played?

Actually, the last gig I played was at the Islington and it was so much fun. We started off with a decent sized crowd but more people started coming in when we were playing. We were just all kind of having a laugh and I threw some pretty awful shapes. There’s some terrible video evidence. When people get involved in that it makes it so much funnier and it feels like you’re all sharing this one moment together.

Weren’t a musician, what do you think you would be doing?

I would probably be studying chemistry, I actually studied chemistry at Bath. I was doing music at the same time but I couldn’t give either enough attention. I would love to go back to studying one day to finish my degree and, hopefully, wear a really cool lab coat with a monogram. When I was studying I had a lab coat that sort of destroyed with acid so I would have to get new one. I had to go to hospital for that one so that was fun. I accidently poured acid on my leg which started working its way through my lab coat and jeans. My supervisor came over to cut off my jeans and sprayed me with water too.

Say you’re stranded on a desert island, what three albums would you pick to take with you?

Johnny Cash – Greatest Hits
Don Mclean – Greatest Hits
Beyoncé – Lemonade

What are your plans for 2017?

I’ve got a new single in the works at the moment, I’ll be announcing that fairly soon. We’re cementing the live shows now which is great, I love performing live. I’ll be writing the whole year too