London-born tunesmith Tom Figgins is back, returning with another cathartic folk-tinged rock song to soothe your start-of-the-week blues.

Following on from the heart-stirring ‘Run’, which was premiered by HIDDEN HERD back in July, new single ‘Retrograde’ is a twinkling slow-build that climbs to a lush conclusion of sweeping strings thanks to violinist Tom Hobden (Noah and the Whale).

Wrap your ears around the record’s soaring vocals and luxurious harmonies, and read our interview with the fast-rising singer-songwriter below.

‘Retrograde’ is wonderful. How did the track come about?

“Thanks very much. I started with the guitar part and the opening. I was really taken by the chiming guitar parts working in harmony as the chords changed below them. The verse melody just poured out of me and I remember tracking a demo of the song in such a whirl and then being out for a drink with friends in the evening and buzzing about what I’d been making all day.”

How did you start out in music?

“I’ve always been involved in music in some way. I started out playing the piano that we had at our house when I was young and then progressed to play anything I could get my hands on, but the guitar was the instrument that really captured me.”

Who are the Top 5 biggest influences on the Tom Figgins sound right now?

“Ry X has been a huge influence on me. I love the way he combines his voice with those ambient textures and that beat. I’ve also taken a lot from how he constructs his tracks.

Isaac Gracie is also one of my favourite artists at the moment. The space and time that I get from a song like ‘Reverie’ is something I’m always trying to recreate. Then he appears with a song like ‘The Death Of You & I’ and it’s refreshing; shows you that having a wild idea or feel can take you somewhere great.

Bruno Major and his new work, ‘A Song For Every Moon’ has been interesting to follow. Seeing how his releases every month have shaped this body of work. ‘Cold Blood’ is a great song!

Jeff Buckley has always been my go to. If I ever feel adrift or feel flat creatively I listen to it. It always makes me feel energised and pushes me to strive harder.

I’ve been listening to a lot of Ólafur Arnalds as well because I’ve been playing a lot of piano recently. He’s a great writer and producer and his work has been a massive influence on me.”

Any other new artists that you’ve played with and would recommend?

“Tempesst have just dropped a new EP and it’s amazing! Their song ‘Broke Down Blues’ was one of my favourite songs of last year.

We did a headline show back in April and the acoustic support was done by Milly Upton who was just mind-blowing. Her music is so moving and with just her and a guitar it was perfect.”

And finally, what does the remainder of 2017 hold for Tom Figgins?

“I’ve moved out of London for a few months to work on the remainder of the EP. A lot of writing, recording and planning for the new year.”