Drizzle veils London-by-the-sea’s crooked streets on this sombre Sunday, but Brighton local Tuval‘s hazy new release is here to soothe your soul and lift the gloom.

The multi-instrumentalist songwriter makes eclectic and majestic sounds that channel greats like Jeff Buckley and Elliott Smith, and his latest single ‘My Love Don’t Worry’ – a visual and sonic delight ready to watch below – is the perfect introduction to the 21-year-old’s world of shimmering fretwork and timeless melodies.

Ahead of his Brighton single launch party at Green Door Store tonight (10 December), we caught up with Tuval to get to know the man behind the hypnotic music.

‘My Love Don’t Worry’ is a hazy delight. How did the track come about?

“Thank you! I wrote the song spontaneously late one evening around three years ago; it came together very quickly. I was pleasantly surprised to interpret some of the hidden metaphors in the lyrics, which is one reason the song has stayed with me. I then experimented with the textures and recorded all the instruments brashly within an afternoon shortly after. Little did I know, I’d be spending many years reworking and mixing it… in the last year string parts were composed and recorded, along with a new vocal track; the song took on a new life having been performed live a great deal.”

How did you start out?

“I was 16, and in a way fed up with waiting around and relying on others for keeping productive. I drummed out a little experimental electronic pop EP called ‘Slide’ in my bedroom, shared it online and started performing on my own with a looper, at the time taking inspiration from James Blake and Jeff Buckley ‘Live at Sin-é’ EP. Interest built and the shows turned into a band. Since then the band, songs, arrangements have continuously morphed, changed and taken on a life of their own! I love that I can take any experience, sit at home and morph that into an idea, demo instrument parts. And then that idea is brought to life by blood pulsating humans, taken to a stage or shared online, and hopefully connect to others experiences in some way.”

Who are the Top 5 biggest influences on your sound right now?

“Lots of the music I’m listening to isn’t quite appropriate as it bears little resemblance to my sound (such as types of electronic/hip-hop/R&B etc.)

So leaving out those, in no particular order:

Part Time – their visceral lo-fi approach to a sort of majestic post-punk feels fresh. Synths glisten whilst the messy tones and provocative lyrics plunge into the system.

Clan of Xymox – their self-titled album has made me appreciate a cohesive side of darkwave whilst for me pushing the boundaries of a band in terms of production.

Arca – quite far sadly from the music I make, but he’s my favourite new artist right now. His leftfield digestible production hits the psyche hard, his audio/visuals kill.

Toro Y Moi – really relate to his home studio/play it yourself approach. He can be damn groovy and make interesting sounds and he’s his own graphic designer.

AR Kane – My friend from Israel clued me about this underappreciated band from the classic shoegaze/dream-pop period. Their singles collection hits harder, takes more risks and pushes instruments further than most bands in that territory for me.”

Any other new artists you have played with and would recommend?

“Certainly. Last night for my London single launch we had some of my faves Tree House who are a true delight. MOONOVERSUN are birthing and killing leftfield “wonky pop”. My bassist Josh has released some charming haunting music under Mother Me. Oh and yes go see Good Guy Clarence in Brighton, they will take you on a smooth ride. Been a pleasure to perform alongside these acts recently.”

And finally, what does the future hold for Tuval?

“Unfortunately, it’s always hard for me to announce concrete plans. But what I can say is there will be an increased focus on the relation between visual content and audio; pushing the platform of videos/ design and outfits further. I’ve recently started to work with a synth player named Jack so the sonic palette will be taken further, whilst perhaps simultaneously regressing to the eternal cold waves of the 80’s. I have a myriad of recorded content to be released in some form. More shows in London/ I’m half based between there and Brighton currently. I’ve been enjoying electronica, dance, South American club rhythms and left field techno; hopefully, there will be some sort of outlet for that however small.”