Dorking favourites Vinyl Staircase could well be stadium fillers in-waiting, honing a sun-baked psych swagger and a penchant for golden-era rock songsmithery that feels both nostalgic and fresh at the same time. On the back of latest rollicking rock ‘n’ roll tune ‘On The Radio’ – which is as immediately lovable as their Hidden Herd Tracks of the Year 2018 winner ‘Last I Heard’ – we caught up with the band to get the lowdown on all things Vinyl Staircase.

How would you describe Vinyl Staircase to a stranger?

“Four bros trying their best to create music that they enjoy and hope people will jump on board with.”

Who are the biggest influences on your sound and why?

“Each of us has different influences and that’s what makes our sound. We’re not aiming to recreate anything, just play the best we can and hope what comes out resonates with our listeners.”

What was the best gig you’ve played so far?

“I think we’d all agree being able to support Wolf Alice at their sold-out show in Manchester was a highlight. Incredible crowd, good vibes and it gave us an insight into where we want to be as a band in terms of live show and ambition.”

You’re based in Dorking – what’s your local music scene like?

“Not much really happens in Dorking. It’s got good pub music and open mics, but I think our inspiration definitely comes from our own isolation as a band and our lack of distraction from being drawn into one particular scene. We’re able to record our music ourselves and spend time together without distraction from others around us.”

Who are the THREE other new artists we should listen to right now and why?

Vinyl Staircase – absolute hits.

Sports Team – great songs, great social media output (haha), really good live shows and they feel like they’re bringing a fresh energy to guitar music.

Surfbort – a band we had the pleasure of sharing the line up with when we supported Wolf Alice back in December. Badass heavy punk tunes fronted by the awesome Dani Miller”

And finally, what does 2019 hold for Vinyl Staircase?

“We just finished a headline tour in February, have a big local show on the horizon and more music to come!”