Off the back of their performance at our ‘Hidden Herd Presents’ night in Brighton earlier this month, we were keen to get alt-pop indie dreamers Yumi and the Weather back for our next London show on November 23rd at The Finsbury. In anticipation, we caught up to see what they’ve been upto recently, and how their sound came about.

Your debut album is an absolute dream! How did the inspiration for it
come about?

Thank you so much. It was a mixture of things that inspired it on a whole. Moments, Feelings, People – and our choices in life. Music is my meditation, and way of dealing with low times – so it’s amazing to be able to turn turmoil in to something people can listen to and enjoy and knowing that definatly gave me the drive I needed to finish it.

How did Yumi and the Weather start out?

I started dabbling in making music on the computer which at first was amazing as it felt so free (after being in numerous live bands and having to meet up to complete and comprimise songs instead of being able to write/create in my pyjamas and not have to leave the house) so anyway…decided to put a track up ‘Not again’ that Mark Dobson AKA Ambassedeurs helped me finish, and the internet responded..and people seemed to like it – so that gave me the confidence I needed to keep releasing and then I finished the first EP ‘All We Can’, which came out in 2013 on XVI RECORDS.

What inspired your name?

Well what shocked me was that some governments have control of the weather, so my reaction was “ they control You, Me AND the Weather..” and as soon as I said it I was like… that is the name. Bosh.

Who are the Top 5 biggest influences on your sound right now?

Right now I am loving Nick Hakim, Slugabed, Alabaster Deplume, but tbh I listen to alot of radio, and shazam tracks that I like, so all my recent influencers are on my Spotify playlist if you fancy checking them out!

Any other new artists you have played with and would recommend?

Looooveeee Libralibra, Inwards, Dog In The Snow, Temples of Youth, Foundling to name a few…and we are supporting Club Kuru this Thursday at The Hope and Ruin – whom I have listened to the most this year, so MEGA EXCITED to be supporting them at the Brighton date!

And finally, what does the future hold for Yumi and the Weather?

Oooo I don’t know…. maybe the government does??….!! Nah just kidding! Hopefully we will get a booking agent (we are looking at the moment. Please get in contact if you are one) to book us some shows, and then get abroad eventually as I do love the UK, but would like to play across the seas if people will have/let us.