Since releasing his awe-inspiring debut track ‘Bruises‘ last year, Lewis Capaldi has performed to mesmerised audiences across the globe and dropped his outstanding debut EP ‘Bloom’. Within a few seconds of listening to his work, it’s easy to see why fans have been enthralled by his passionate, powerful voice and brutally honest songwriting. We caught up with Lewis to talk about his influences, performing live and more.

Your newest track ‘Rush‘ is phenomenal, how did the track come about?

Thanks very much! ‘Rush‘ was a song that I initially co-wrote back in October last year with Malay, we’d previously worked together on a song from my EP called ‘Fade’ as well. So we’d finished the song and I loved it but I felt it needed a female vocal to really drive home the theme of the song, that’s when I asked my managers if they’d be able to reach out to Jessie to see if she’d be interested in working on the tune with us. I’m a massive fan of her’s so I was really just chancing my arm not actually sure she’d be into doing it. Low and behold her team came back and were totally up for it so we got into Malay’s studio in LA in January while I was over playing a show and that was it! 

What inspires and influences you as an artist?

I think anything I see that excites me makes me want to go off and write new songs. Like if I see an amazing film I’m automatically like that was unbelievable I want to be able to make a song or an album that makes someone feel the same way I feel about this movie. I always get asked about influences in my music and whenever I say someone like Kendrick Lamar people look at me like I’m an idiot because my music obviously doesn’t sound like his, but I just mean the fact that he and so many other amazing musicians, Lorde is another perfect example, consistently put out amazing music it kind of makes you want to strive to be as consistent in anything you’re putting out and the same applies with people in Film or TV or business or anything really, if that makes sense! But yeah, anything can really inspire me when I’m writing or recording songs! 

You’ve supported the likes of Niall Horan, Milky Chance and you’re about to support Sam Smith on his European arena tour, how does it feel to play to such large audiences, who might be unfamiliar with your music?

It’s absolutely terrifying. But I think that’s the best part about it, the first show with Sam Smith is at the 02 in London which has a capacity of like 16,000 I think? It’s just mad to think a lot of people will see me play my set at these shows and make their minds up about whether they like my music or not, which as I said is really scary but it also gives me the chance to get across my music to people without them having any preconceived idea of what it’s like and for me playing live is the best part about having music as my career and probably the aspect of it I’m most familiar and therefore comfortable with, so I’m excited to get out and try and turn some heads or maybe turn people off my music completely but I’m sure it’ll be fun regardless. 

You’re also on a huge number of festival lineups this summer including Chicago’s Lollapalooza and Losaarirock in Finland. Are there artists you’re hoping catch while you’re on the festival circuit?

Yeah man, I’m buzzing it’s the first time I’ll have properly played a lot of festivals so I’m excited to get out and do it! Absolutely the lineup for Lollapalooza in particular is ridiculously good. There I’m excited for people like Bruno Mars, Arctic Monkeys, Post Malone, Khalid, Brockhampton, Camilla Cabello, Catfish and the Bottlemen and pretty much every artist on there. 

Every single song on your debut EP ‘Bloom‘ is breathtaking but ‘Mercy‘ is a personal highlight for me. What were you thinking while you penned the track?

Thanks so much man that means a lot! ‘Mercy‘ is probably the only song on the EP I didn’t draw from personal experience to write. That song was me imagining the exact moment someone is told by their partner that they don’t love them anymore and want to split up. So the song is me dragging out that split second over the course of three minutes, talking about how the person being dumped is trying to memorise their partners face because this will be the last time they’ll get to be so close. But yeah I’m really proud of that tune so I’m so glad you brought it up it’s not often I get to talk about it. 

You’re really interactive with your fans (both online and in person), is that important to you?

Yeah totally! I think it’s important to interact with the people who for one have given me a job and two connect with the music. At the end of the day. I’m making music that I think I would want to listen to and so the people who are streaming or downloading the songs or tweeting and I are likeminded and that regard. Let’s put it this way if you like my music we already have one thing in common because so do I so we’re already on our way to becoming friends. 

And finally, what’s next for you?

More music. It bugs me there’s so little out there for people to get into but trust me that will change very very soon! As well as that announcing some big shows as part of a headline tour in the UK in Europe towards the end of the year after a summer of festivals. Got my first US headline tour in June as well and tickets for that are on sale now. Yeah other than that just trying to keep getting the music out there and keep writing better songs!

The fantastic video for Lewis Capaldi’s newest single ‘Rush’ is below and you can find all of his upcoming tour dates here.