Parrot Dream are a Brooklyn-based indie pop duo by way of Santiago, Chile.

We catch up with Christina Appel (Keyboards/Vocals) to see where they’re from, and where they’re heading.

Parrot Dream formed in 2013, but how long were you making music for before finding your current setup?

Gonzalo has been in bands since he was a teenager, more punk rock and 90s rock bands. He began playing drums in a band that did mostly Nirvana covers, and then later picked up the guitar and started composing lots and lots of melodies. I studied piano when I was younger, and sang Christmas carols with my family. Gonzalo and I started playing music together, just in our bedroom, shortly after moving into together. At that point, we just had a guitar and a melodica.

As a band that originated in Chile before moving to the United States, do you feel that there are still South American influences to the music that you’re creating today?

One of our songs, Come Home, from our first EP, we feel has influences from the Chilean folkloric band Los Jaivas, and I think in some ways that influence is still there in some of the melodies we create.

Has your sound always centred around indie-pop, or have you experimented with a few different genres?

Our sound definitely originated around indie-pop, but I feel as of late we’re sounding a bit more ambient, electro or sometimes like lo-fi rock. We’ve also added another synth recently, so the melodies are becoming more layered, and my sibling, Christian, sings really nice harmonies with me, which adds to the dynamic (you can hear them on our recently released single Jungle).

If there was any song from the past that you wish you could have written, what would it be?

‘Hanging on the Telephone’ by the Nerves – we were just listening to it yesterday, such a great punk pop composition! Though we would have made it a bit dreamy.

What’s next for Parrot Dream?

We’re currently solidifying and creating new songs to record a full length album in Spring 2016. Our next show is January 10th at Palisades. Besides that, we’re lying low for a bit in order to devote our full time to preparing this next album.