Quiet Type are a new alt-pop duo based out of Portland, Oregon who have recently released their debut single ‘Fugitive’. We catch up with Lee Barbara and Bobby Seus to discuss their latest setup.

You’ve just released your first single ‘Fugitive’. It certainly sounds like you two are aligned musically! What were you both doing before Quiet Type?

Lee: We have been playing music together in some capacity or another for almost 15 years. We built this project around a stack of songs that got started right before I moved to New York in 2014, and finished during a session that fall. When I moved back to Portland, the record was done, and Quiet Type became our full time focus.

Your sound has massive pop appeal, but there’s also a hint of funk in the mix. Who would you cite as your biggest influences?

Lee: We probably connect most firmly on The Beatles, The Beach Boys, John Coltrane, The Zombies, ELO, Ray Charles, Smokey Robinson, Frank Sinatra, George Gershwin, Sam Cooke, the list could go on for quite a while…

‘Quiet Type’ tends to refer to withdrawn, introverted types. Is that reflective of you as a band?

Bobby: Yeah, its not that we’re “quiet”, really. I’d say we’re both pretty withdrawn when it comes to talking about our music, but not necessarily music in general, or anything else for that matter. I think we both have times where we feel that externalizing how much passion we have for making music seems a bit self-indulgent, and it’s certainly not lost on us how many bands there are out there saying a lot of the same things. But we’d like to think that we are otherwise both pretty talkative and articulate guys.

What are your plans for 2016? Can we expect lots of new tracks?

Bobby: Our album is coming out in June, and that will be a huge deal for us. We’ve actually never released a full-length record together. Honestly, left to our own devices and perfectionism, it may never have gotten finished. We owe a lot of thanks and credit to our producer, John Askew, and our manager, Luke Hall, for all of their efforts in pushing us to get it done. We are also writing and recording new music like crazy. 2016 will be a very productive year for us. We fully expect to finish another record before the end of the year.

Why should people check you out?

Bobby: Because our record is really good! I like to think that the things that matter to us, musically, also matter to a lot of other people out there. And hopefully that comes across in a way that people can embrace and connect with. We put all of our time and energy into making records because we just love playing and listening to music so much. We are both lifelong students of an art-form that we finally feel comfortable enough with to put out there. Our only real goal is to make the best possible songs we can and share them with as many people as possible.