If you haven’t heard of Will Joseph Cook, chances are you will soon. With some promising radio coverage, as well as a recent signing, there is nothing stopping the uprise of this talented singer/songwriter. We catch up with Will following of the release of his new single ‘Take Me Dancing’.

Some of your previous tracks show an emotional, perhaps subdued side to yourself which is at stark contrast to your latest track ‘Girls Like Me’. How did this change come about? Was it an organic progression?

It was definitely organic, ‘Girls Like Me’ is definitely on the lighter side of the album. I wanted to drop a track that grabbed attention and was, in a sense, a departure from the first music I had recorded. ‘Girls Like Me’ was a key track for my writing, it felt unlabored and exciting.

This new sound has obviously picked up some good traction for you in terms of radio features and a growing fan base. How have you dealt with this growth in popularity and what aspirations do you have as you continue to grow?

It always feels good to see my music travel and reach new people. I mean, I’m only on the first single from my album so it still feels very much in its infancy. My main aspiration is to build the live following even more, play bigger and more creative live shows.

Performing as ‘Will Joseph Cook’, you’ve achieved great deal in a reasonably modest amount of time! Is this your first foray into music, or is this a culmination of your experience over time?

Playing under my name was my first but not my only venture. I’ve written with friends and my brother before, but I guess as my solo stuff became more important I moved away from collaboration.

Your music combines strong, melodic vocals with punchy, chirpy instrumentals to create tracks that are upbeat and accessible. We can certainly see some Ady Suleiman and Saint Motel in the mix. Where do you draw your inspiration from?

Like most musicians, I listen to anything and everything. The first bands i got into on my own were bands like MGMT, Vampire Weekend, Empire of the Sun, Darwin Deez… but naturally I had grown up with my dad’s and my brother’s music taste. recently I’ve been drawn to a lot of song centric music like Fleetwood Mac and Paul Simon.