The upstairs venue at the Hare and Hounds houses the delightfully cavernous yet intimate venue Bleach (which also hosted the previously-featured Sunflower Bean). The dark loft was filled with a familiar crowd, and seemed the perfect setting for the evening.

After a flurry of ska, punk and horns from Millie Manders, Popes of Chillitown and ASBO Retards, the bands left the stage to lay up the Preachers in admirably uplifting style. There was a clear element of mutual respect and sincere well-wishes form all supporting guests; it was charmingly evident that everyone here was equally as eager to bring in The Bar Stool Preachers debut release.

The band took the stage with a mixture of excitement and satisfaction – having formed in 2014, their main aim thus far has been developing their sound and honing their live show. Having supported Slackers last year (as well as diving into the continent with a couple of European shows) they appeared deservedly ready to start the next step of their own journey.

Their tongue-in-cheek ska/punk opus is undoubtedly likeable – you’d be hard pressed not to get involved and become a part of the ever-present Brighton scene after a single show. Lead vocalist Tom McFaull has an infectious energy – a whirlwind of limbs and two-step shuffle that engages the crowd at any possible opportunity. It’d be tough to find another band that’s as welcoming to their mantra as this one.

Opening with crowd-favourites ‘Trickledown’ before flying into self-titled ‘Bar Stool Preacher’, the room was sufficiently primed for the full set. Playing through their album, it was clear to see that the band were as excited as their fans to have their release go live. The set plays through with an ever-lifting tempo, and sprits followed in suit right until the end.

Following the show, the band push forward into Europe for another tour, before setting up for some festival shows this Summer. Considering the overwhelming support that’s been shown prior to their debut LP, we can imagine 2016 will be a big year for The Bar Stool Preachers.