Just two weeks since the premiere of their first single for two years, Dance a la Plage are back on stage and ready to let the world hear how a short sabbatical has reshaped this Oxford-based indie band for the masses. The Garage in Islington is recognised for featuring show-stopping acts on the cusp of mainstream appeal, whilst still catering to a dedicated musical audience with its edgy, low lit scene and intimate space. Particularly, it provides a familiar and homely feel to all adults reigniting their teenage rocker personas.

As the lights dull and the volume rises, the atmosphere is set for Dance A la Plage to make their long awaited return – bursting out on to the stage with excitement and confidence. They open with an old classic, which did well to warm up a mixed crowd of new and existing fans. Their new sound is certainly accessible (think The 1975 with a bit more ‘oomph’), which helps when trying to win over a new audience. As heads start to nod and body’s start to move, it’s not long before people are swooned by their new sound and charm.

Dance a la Plage have a way of sounding like a score of all your favourite indie bands from past and present; Arctic Monkeys, Two Door Cinema Club, The Kooks. Cherry-picking the very best that each has to offer, it’s a sound that’s oh-so familiar but with a hearty kick of its own.

As the band reach their penultimate track they throw out an old favourite with ‘Time to Change’ – the second song on their Flying High EP. Almost poetically they nod to their past and look to their future before heading into their final track ‘222’ with a sense of sweet irony that they seemed to have predicted 2 years before.

Dance a la Plage have evolved; their old style might have been described as ‘indie music for the masses’, which in its essence is pleasing and inoffensive. Where they are now is a testament to what they have learnt in the music scene over the past few years – they’ve grown up. They’ve developed a funkier sound that’s far more assertive and recognisable. You can certainly see the spirit behind why every indie band starts and why every 10 year-old picks up a guitar – to make the music they wan’t to make. Get ready to hear a lot more from these guys; the Plage is set.