In the dark and cavernous first-floor of The Lexington,  we settle in for a night of precisely-timed and well-executed rock.

Lightcliffe open the evening with a hazy, sun-kissed take on garage rock – imagine Weezer in the mid-00’s. With tender bass-complemented verses and screaming attitude-ridden choruses, these guys have us harking back to the rock we grew up loving.

Opening with two melodic guitars and incredibly assured drums and bass, Delta Sleep bounce between intimate lows and screaming highs with admirable flexibility. They instantly comes across as a band that live outside the conventions of pop licks and predictable timing. An assured treat for fans of Andsoiwatchyoufromafar and Fall of Troy.

After a 3 year hiatus and a new drummer, Enemies have returned with an interesting change in direction. Following on from our interview, they’ve come back together creatively aligned. Following Delta Sleep, it’s clear these bands evidently pride themselves on musical precision and experimentation. Exploding into their set with a flurry of crescendo highs and peaceful lows, they appear to be back stronger than they were before.

Eager to throw out their new material, but understanding of the band that their audience initially fell in love with, Enemies open with old favourites ‘We’ve Been Talking’ and ‘Indian Summer’, looking through their back catalogue and cherry-picking a few of their favourites. Before too long, they also entertain with an impressive switch to a guitar, bass and double drum setup throwing down aggressive percussion in perfect sync.

The first release of their new material ‘Play Fire’ comes early in the set to an excited and eager audience, wooing new and old fans alike. This tour appears to be a synopsis of their past and a preview of their future. With a more commercially led approach, it looks like Enemies can build on their previous acclaim and take it a step further. As Mark (lead singer/bass) sincerely exclaimed “it’s so good to be back”; this emotion was regularly met with audible cheers, showing that this emotion was felt around the whole room. Taking a break from recording to tour the UK and America next week, we can imagine that they’ll head back into their rural studio retreat fully invigorated and eager to finish the upcoming album.