We return to the Finsbury for our latest event, teaming up once again with Lost in the Manor to curate our evening for Blogtober festival. The North London venue has seen a huge array of artists grace the stage over the last month, with Blogs such as the Line of Best Fit, Clash Mag and Indie Shuffle all taking part and promoting their latest musical picks.

To open the evening, we have Rozelle; an intriguing 5 piece fronted by female vocal pair Hayley Smith and Loulou Barry. Rozelle’s take on alternative music seems to connect the best of folk and indie, finding a comfortable nesting point between First Aid Kit and Fleetwood Mac, albeit with a hell of a lot more ‘kick’.

Rozelle - HIdden Herd

Their music shows an incredible diversity; the five piece have a quality which draws plenty of inspiration from the past whilst keeping their style progressive and new.

The vocal ranges between the two female leads also show an impressive range, from baritone to a higher, more delicate falsetto. This allows them to reach crescendos and quieter, more intimate states with dramatic ease.

August opens with a heavy hitter; pulling impressive high notes from the depths of his lungs, which, when complemented by pulsing percussion, created a sound that shows depth and polish.

August - HIdden Herd

His live show erupts with an enthusiasm that goes further than his recorded tracks. Moving from a band history to a solo writing career, there will always be a concern around delivering a full and bodied live performance – that was immediately put to rest.

His music is both sincere and accessible, emulating a similar quality held by Brandon Flowers of The Killers; the ability to reach people both intimately and at scale.

THØSS‘s instant appeal was his polish. The full band erupted onto the stage with a confident allure, their presence filling the room with a commanding feel. The singer/songwriter’s tall demeanour owned the stage and rightfully captured the attention of everyone in the room.

Following the release of his Benchwarmer EP a few months ago, the live performance comes across matured and delightfully on-beat; think the meticulously crafted organic/electronic fusion which gives artists such as Dan Croll an unignorably catchy quality.

THØSS - HIdden Herd

THØSS’s style transcends modern pop; there’s far more at play here than the fundamentals of mainstream songwriting, yet his music does not lack mass appeal. Looking at bands such as Cloud Control and The Maccabees, his music plays and teases, utilising stop-start percussion and dynamic instrumentals to make a sound that keeps audiences on their toes. We are keen to see where the rest of the year will take them.