Image courtesy of Citadel Festival.

Flying into Gunnersbury Park’s latest import Citadel Festival, we geared up for another meticulously crafted line-up from one of London’s fastest growing festivals.

Making our way first to the main stage, we were welcomed with unapologetic punk-tinged rock from London’s shame, which welcomely has us reminiscent of Slaves previous entrance to the scene, bringing brash, rowdy rock back to its core.

Off the back of their debut album release, Goat Girl then springboarded off their rising momentum to deliver a captivating set, hidden away under the tent shadow; a welcome respite from the blistering sun. They commanded the audience, with the assertive vocals from Clottie Cream enthralling all present.

An apt compliment to the warm Summer air, The Barr Brothers went on to deliver a transporting set of bluegrass, coupled with screaming solos and lazy jams akin to Stevie ray Vaughan. Their off-beat plucks threw us across the Atalantic to the gentle American South, coupled with the organic captive qualities of Shakey Graves.

Heading back over to the mainstage, festival staples The Horrors gave us an early taste of psychedelia – a welcome indulgence that nodded to the night ahead. Their trademark appeal of anthemic pop rock dazzled the audience as ever, bringing the best of their previous repetoire to deliver an assured performance as the afternoon turned to evening.

Seeking shade in the Communion tent’s shadow, Honne’s delectable bass-heavy frequencies began to pulse through the speakers. Following the duo through some short years of impressive growth, their performance was assertive and polished. Their set notably captivated the masses, leaning few unturned by their growing allure.

Containing Citadel‘s tasty disposition of booking bands which pride themselves on an organic rise that can only be described as meteoric, Chrvches then had their chance to shine. Their melody-ridden, synth heavy set soared across the dusty plains of Gunnersbury Park with a pop-charged quality. The Scottish four piece blasted their crowd favourites to an eager crowd, shaking the last few listeners out of their afternoon slumber.

Throughout the day, there was a palpable excitement in the year, and it was for one clear reason. Knowing we were about to witness Tame Impala‘s UK-exclusive festival appearance for 2018 had many in the crowd safe in the knowledge they were part of the privileged ‘club’ this summer. In their usual fashion, we were thrown straight back to the golden 60’s, albeit with their synth-charged ethereal twist. Kept captivated by their stunning backing visuals, Kevin Parker took us across his impressive repertoire with delighted nods and screams. With most in the crowd knowing the words spanning an impressive 3 album career, their choice as headline seemed oh-so fitting.