After a short hiatus, (2 single releases in 2018 following a widely-revered album release in 2017) Flyte return to London to show off the latest of their upcoming material to a very eager crowd.

A band that have grown a formidable following through a slew of grassroots, intimate offerings (from Sofar Sounds performances to busking outside some of London’s quaintest weekend markets), the four piece have gone from strength to strength.

Their notable similarities to bands such as the Beatles are undeniably present, yet Flyte take these passing comments far further than they are given credit for. All members display talent on multiple levels, offering both instrumental prowess and vocal harmonies in one fell swoop. Their YouTube channel does well to show how they can turn even the most musically-devoid spaces into an acoustic oasis.

With their keyboardist Sam Berridge absent from the show, Jessica Staveley-Taylor of the Staves amicably stepped in to fill the space. The result was almost like-for-like, although her female harmonies offered a notable coupling to the band’s already-polished aura.

Their existing material was met with eager whistles and cheers, with their big-hitters ‘Victoria Falls’, ‘Cathy Come Home’ and ‘Sliding Doors’ sending the crowd into motion with their faster tempo and up-beat melodies.

As an obvious testing ground to present their new music, the band played through a slew of new tracks, each holding their trademark charm and appeal whilst also showing their progression and maturity. Lead singer Will Taylor openly discussed his difficult times of late (recovering from a bad break-up), and this had evidently come across in some of their more sombre tracks. Despite the context that underpinned these tracks, their new material was met with an instant likeability.

This sincerity is where Flyte really shine. Their ability to have an entire room belting their hearts out, and seconds later being able to hear a pin drop shows their prowess and skill in droves. In many cases, their tracks offer multiple levels of entry, either through the emotive connection of their music or via the hidden meanings in some of their lyrics making the band both accessible and a heartfelt favourite for new and devoted listeners.

Towards the end of their set, they played their newest single ‘White Roses’ which was co-written with The Staves. The track carries a delightfully-relaxed tempo, whilst containing a palpable sincerity that the four piece have come to be known for. As a sign of tracks to come, Flyte can expect to compound on their existing success in 2019 and grow exponentially.