It’s a sizzling Saturday on the south coast. The pebbled front is bedecked with stripey wooden loungers, the bars are awash with bleary-eyed weekenders and the air is alive with palpable excitement. As the dusk rays burn brighter than they should at such hour, the looming night begs for a jubilant soundtrack and thankfully FOURS are in town to provide just that.

Having flourished at The Finsbury back in March as part of HIDDEN HERD‘s night with Lost In The Manor, we come armed with the knowledge that the effervescent London quartet are nigh on certs to slake our thirst for feelgood. But this evening, supporting Kyla La Grange at The Hope & Ruin, they take things up another few notches, sounding bigger, bolder and even more brilliant than before.

The four-piece’s stellar set is strewn with future hits: ‘Fade To Love’ ignites the sweat-clad room with its whistled refrain and hip-rippling rhythm, ‘Painful To Watch’ flaunts a superabundance of bittersweet hooks that hark back to Florence + The Machine circa ‘Lungs’ and latest tune ‘Stella’ juxtaposes relatable lyrics about leery nightclub predators with sugary 80s electro-pop. Once again, FOURS deliver it all with the kind of vim and vigour that proves unshakeable and infectious; the combination of pounding drums, funky bass, vivid guitarwork and singer Edith Violet’s anthemic vocals make for an intoxicating concoction.

Like the quartet’s glitter-spangled cheeks, the large cluster of attendees beam throughout the Shepherd’s Bush band’s scintillating stint – a surefire sign that FOURS make a big first impression and thus have the summit in their sights.

Photo of FOURS featured on Hidden Herd new music blog