As the summer draws to an end, The Finsbury provides ample cover from the colder winds for us to host another evening of new artists alongside Lost in the Manor. Despite the changing seasons, tonight’s artists manage to convey a sense of warmth through their pulsing, summery electronica.

JOYYA playing Hidden Herd vs Lost In The Manor at The Finsbury in London on 15.09.17

First up we have JOYYA, a London-based outfit that blend delicate synths with tender vocals. An apt start to the evening; their tracks pulse with a brooding intensity whilst capturing listeners with seductive hooks and expansive instrumentals. A delectable mix of modern pop and afro influences gives throw some subtle nods to Paul Simon, yet coupled with their multi-instrumental setup, the duo offer delectably dense bass and tender hooks to a willing audience.

To follow we have Hidden Herd favourites Island Club. By way of Brighton, they have certainly managed to bring an essence of the British seaside to their melancholy indie rock. Their tracks have a welcoming tempo; it’s almost too easy to fall into their chirpy, relaxed slumber, yet their utilisation of synths helps bring their tracks back into the audience. In some ways they channel the seductive, bouncing qualities of Tame Impala, yet keep the upbeat, pop sensibilities of The 1975, putting them in the sweet spot of alternative mass appeal.

Island Club playing Hidden Herd vs Lost In The Manor at The Finsbury in London on 15.09.17

This additional layer gives them an interesting juxtaposition of feelings when playing live. Like Tame Impala, when placed together in the right way, multiple, light, tender layers can form impactful, heavy crescendos that shudder all the way through the venue. In this way, their songs carry far more depth than one may immediately assume from their genre, giving them far more swing in today’s industry. Their latest release ‘Call It What You Want‘ was welcomed with a knowing embrace, kicking even the most refrained of dancers into an ethereal sway.

Finally, with a crowd that’s enjoyed two rather contrasted sides to electro-infused music, we have pop chargers XY&O. Their tracks ooze with dripping hooks and pulsing percussion, allowing them to take charge of the room with an assured confidence.

The Cardiff three seemed perfectly at home on stage; notable experts of their craft delivering an uptempo, engaging set throughout. Their tracks bounced between new and old, with notable recognition for the popular ‘What’s Love Got To Do With It‘, release earlier this year. Their set was littered with Welsh charm and an obvious comfortability with the crowd. Even without a hometown presence within the audience, there was a sense of familiarity emanating from the stage.

XY&O playing Hidden Herd vs Lost In The Manor at The Finsbury in London on 15.09.17

The obvious result of experience and practice, their sound is incredibly polished and honed to an incredible standard. In doing so their tracks were enjoyed round the room; their penchant for hooks makes their music undeniably catchy and immediately charming. It’s evident that there’s plenty more space for XY&O to make their next step into stardom.