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As the Winter months start to draw in, the back room of North London’s The Finsbury has an ever-inviting allure; not only warmth from the elements, but also the perfect nurturing ground to discover the best in new music.

As part of the annual Blogtober Festival with Lost in the Manor, we set out to host an evening covering what we believed to be some of the most promising new acts on today’s scene.

First up to the plate we had Brighton indie-rockers Animal House, who treated us to their usual dose of jangly beachside nonchalance. Tracks from their latest Mommy EP were met with both familiar nods and newly-peaked interests, capturing some new fans in the process. Their up-beat, clean-yet-dirty approach to songwriting appeared to be a winning formula, and a perfect set up for the night ahead.

Next on we had Bradford psych-rockers GRDNS. A regular Hidden Herd featuree, we were keen to finally catch a glimpse of their live performance. With tracks that utilise soaring soundscapes and lip-curling guitar licks, it was delightful to witness how well this transposed onto their live sound.

Pulling from different areas of the rock scene, (Kevin Parker’s lucid vocals and Temples’ up-tempo psych melodies to name a few), GRDNS captured the audience and transported many away from the intimate venue, as if trapped within an acid dream.

First releases ‘Night Dance’ and ‘Juniper’ gave a palpable atmosphere, with the crowd swaying and nodding along with respectable favour for such young band. There’s plenty more to come from these guys.

Finally, our headliners FEET enthusiastically took to the stage to a delighted crowd; by which time the room’s numbers were swelling to breaking point. A quintet of chaps from the humble town of Coventry, they’ve injected a new taste of flavour into Britain’s indie scene, capturing essences of indie-pop and blending them with the brash, off-kilter vocal musings of England’s growing neu-punk scene.

The result is something that’s delightfully hard to put your finger on – and that’s where FEET flourish. From playing to a packed audience at The Great Escape whilst all wearing kimonos, to their jovial stage presence and on-stage energy this evening, they remain a niggling enigma at the forefront of our minds.

2017 release ‘Macho Macho’ had the crowd growing riotous, collectively enjoying the dynamic ups and downs of their unpredictable songwriting. Within this vibe they capture some of the raw energy and live stage presence other growing artists such as Sports Team.

From their performances, it’s clear to see that FEET are a band that are at home on stage, but that isn’t something that should cause listeners to shy away from their recorded sound. Sometimes listening to tracks that offer somewhat random or niche qualities tend to act as a catalyst for building artist recognisability and affinity. They’ve already got us hooked.