In the effortlessly cool yet modest setting of the Servant Jazz Quarters, we are first introduced to Leisure Tank, who lay down a progressively energetic blues set to warm the atmosphere. The duo bounce between loudly powerful and quietly intimate almost effortlessly, bringing to mind the ever influential Leslie Feist in the process.

Marine then take to the stage and begin the set slowly, masterfully layering their harmonies with an awe inducing Kate Bush-esque precision that sounds studio-honed. The foursome certainly look incredibly at home on the stage, and are dutifully self-assured in their approach to their songwriting. One things for sure, these four ladies belong together.

Sirens, the first released track off their upcoming Fables EP carries a Fleet Foxes essence, layering thudding toms and expertly crafted vocal melodies.

One of the most endearing features of Marine’s live show is their non-reliance on over synthesising their vocals and instruments, which is testament to their musicianship and cements their place as one of London’s most exciting and authentic prospects.