Having collaborated with Major Lazer, Grande and Bieber, as well as notching up a slew of chart smashes and receiving numerous Hottest Record In The World accolades, has come a long long way since she last appeared in Brighton two and a half years ago. At The Great Escape 2014, the Dane was a rising prospect and showcased tunes from her just-released first LP ‘No Mythologies To Follow’ – a record that dazzled with kaleidoscopic electro pop and earned favourable critical response, but also placed her somewhat on the periphery of superstardom.

MO - Hidden Herd

Tonight though, ‘s privy to the type of giddy furore associated with mainstream music’s heavyweights and makes a strong case to become one. Looking out on a sea of outstretched arms and twinkling smartphone lights, she delivers a relentlessly exhilarating set and asserts herself as Nordic queen of the new pop revolution. Her post-debut album output lacks some of the off-kilter appeal of her early work, but undoubtedly garners the biggest reception: the polychromatic electro-R&B of ‘Kamikaze’ swaggers Stefani-style, the Bieber / Lazer collaboration ‘Cold Water’ gets a movingly muted makeover that far surpasses the original and ‘Final Song’ fires up Concorde 2 with its bedroom beats, vivid synths and whopping refrain.


Through it all, Karen Marie Ørsted is an absorbing performer; she writhes in the violet dark, her wiry locks sashaying across her face and her jaw constantly agape as the big notes come one after the other. Her megastar trajectory is confirmed by a scintillating encore, which sees ‘Drum’ emerge as an instant favourite and ‘Lean On’ lure an ecstatic reaction. She clambers over the barrier and embraces as many as her arm span will allow her to during the latter – the love is requited and ‘s progress shows no sign of waning.