It feels like we’re gatecrashing a band practice as we saunter through Komedia Studio Bar’s swing doors. With just 99 others in attendance, this is probably the closest we’re likely to come to a private gig from tonight’s headliners Slow Club and consequently the atmosphere is wondrous from the outset, with the duo’s warm and infectious charm bookending each stripped-back rendition.

“You’ll have to be respectful and quiet and not show us how bored you are” jokes Slow Club‘s Rebecca Taylor, after promising an avalanche of brand spanking new material. She really needn’t worry though. Everything we hear from the duo’s forthcoming long-player is proof that the Sheffield band are in rude health.

‘One Day All Of This Won’t Matter Anymore’ is the name of their Matthew E White-produced record and it is a perfect fit for such an intimate setting. In a haze of sapphire light, the album is revealed as a collection of nuanced slowburners: opener ‘Come On Poet’ is a beautiful shuffling ballad, ‘Rebecca Cassanova’ is melodic AM pop in the vein of Fleetwood Mac and latest single ‘Ancient Rolling Sea’ sees Taylor and Charles Watson’s voices delicately interweave over building and brooding ambient rock.

Some of their new sounds are festooned with glorious harmonies and quavering Gibson electric, others are all about Taylor’s jaw-dropping vocal power under a pinkish spotlight, or Watson’s woozy and tender croon from behind the piano in the middle of the tiny stage. Whichever guise Slow Club choose though, it works – and their fourth full-length promises to be their most accomplished work yet.