“Just drinking some beer from a wine glass, ‘cos that’s the way we roll in Teleman“, says frontman Thomas Sanders with a wry smile in between songs. The London band veer far from the untamed vices of rock’s wild codes and conventions, and it’s a trait that continues to be part of their overwhelming allure this evening.

Inside Brighton’s The Old Market, the audience are a hodge podge of well-washed t-shirts and weathered faces, eyes wide and mesmerised by the sort of intelligent krautrock-meets-indie concoction that you’d expect to seep from The IT Crowd‘s dank basement.

While a seemingly unfashionable choice on the current musical landscape, Teleman‘s exquisite sophomore ‘Brilliant Sanity’ actually benefits from the band being such. On the fringes and somewhat outside the realms of flighty trend, they’ve had room to grow since former guise Pete and the Pirates and their wonky guitar pop has quietly gathered steam in the Metronomy mould.

Sanders & Co’s outsider pop craft has blossomed and on tonight’s showing it echoes that of Talking Heads and Pulp; ‘Fall In Time’‘s eery piano gives way to that gloriously euphoric refrain and the room swoons, ‘Glory Hallelujah’‘s honky tonk stomp builds to an infectious and giddy climax and encore ‘Düsseldorf’‘s strutting Stranglers synth-work erupts into a wondrous Franz Ferdinand-like solo.

“Put on, put on your favourite song” goes the latter’s earworming moment and with that, we’re pretty sure this is our favourite song. It’s official, Teleman have slowburned their way into our heart.