South of France (a duo comprising of the couple Jeff and Kelly Cormack) have a delightfully listenable track here. A symbiotic balance is at play in their songwriting which fuses both a hazy, melancholy attitude along with some meticulously planned instrumentals, making them instantly accessible and wholly likeable. The Cormack’s don’t shy away from bass-heavy licks either, giving the track an edge which gives them a surefire welcome across a whole slew of sync opportunities (their talents have already been plucked by notable names such as Blue Moon).

What originally started as a solo project by Jeff Cormack back in 2012, and later came to be a double act following their marriage in 2015 has now grown to a point where it seems the only way is up for the creative couple. With the jumpy notions of Dan Croll and an undeniably charming male/female vocal offset, South of France look set to have an exceptional year ahead of them. ‘Civilization’ is the title track from their next full-length release, out early 2016.