Strike a match, light a candle. Stare at the picture above. Put ‘1’ by Anna B Savage on.

You get the impression that this photo was a mistake, an accident of the camera, shutter didn’t close quickly enough, too little light made it under exposed. What appeared was an eerie, ghostlike vision, fitting perfectly with the shade of Anna B Savage‘s songs.

What belies a young face and body, is a voice of such deep maturity. By chance or design, she has developed this instrument of beauty and torture that begins deep in the recesses of her soul and heart, and doesn’t mince words or play around with metaphor or comparison (“I’m too insecure for this / for him to undress me and take the piss”).

She has the tone of Joni Mitchell in more recent times, and the vocal shapes of Annie Lennox, channelling the spirit of PJ Harvey, especially elsewhere on ‘2’ with its unusual guitar tuning that nods to ‘Let England Shake’.

A support slot with Father John Misty at the end of the year gave some exposure to the haunting numerals. There are no titles, only numbers, an emotional catalogue of experiences; hurt, anger, hope and joy. All contained and can be summed up in ‘1’, a stunning, delicate and calm telling of a lover whose quips and comments stung like salt in wounds, which enrages because she’s so affected by them and “…wants to be strong”.

Soon, her four studio-recorded tracks will be on one side of vinyl, and a live recording from Cafe Oto on the other. The chance to see her in concert will hopefully follow its delayed release. She only made her debut at the top of the bill in December, but she has been making a stir in support slots, and live is where she is building a reputation for intense and moving performances.