Whilst trawling through the same Western Australia scene that brought last week’s Rainy Day Women, we stumbled across Beach Aunty. It’s hard to recall a recent band name with such instant allure and thankfully the Perth trio live up to this magnetic moniker with a fusion of raw lyrics, woozy surf melodies and sun-blemished 50s swing.

Debut single ‘East Coast Acid Rain’ sounds like Twin Peaks covering ‘Diamonds and Guns’ by the Transplants; there’s a slack and cavernous Kurt Vile-ish vibe throughout, albeit with a gnarly streak and an occasional flash of fang.

On account of the latter, it seems band creator and frontman Jack Williamson has something to get off his chest. Jabbering through the verses with an unabashed broad accent, his personal tales and twang vaguely recall Jamie T – if the South Londoner had once upon a time swapped his home studio shed in Zone 3 for a sweltering West Coast Oz bay hut.