‘The Rumble’ could easily hold its own on a playlist alongside other widely appreciated Rock-staples, such as Soundgarden’s ‘Black Hole Sun’ or Led Zeppelin’s ‘Stairway to Heaven’; and we don’t say that lightly.

The little-known Argentinian four piece have masterfully revived classic rock through their powerful ballad-esque songwriting and Tomás Giambrun’s painfully infectious vocals. The age-old ‘slow-rise the finish’ structure exemplifies the tremendous effect that a well-placed rock song can have on your mood, and we’d be happy to let this boost our spirits any day. It would be a shame if ‘Blak Lyons‘ didn’t reach the global audience that they seem to oh-so deserve.

If you’re planning a road trip this Summer, do yourself a favour and add ‘The Rumble’ to your playlist. Hell, why not go ahead and add the whole ‘Bygons‘ EP.