Circe’s Diner in three words? Quirky. Folk. Glamour. It’s not a combination brought to mind often by the sound of a new band, but the Bristolian four-piece’s beautiful hallucinogenic haze of nostalgic melodies, tantalising harmonies and silky smooth rhythms are each of those things.

Their most recent track, ‘Muddled Minds’, is cathartic and powerful – recalling early Warpaint. The warped-guitar intro serves to entice, before double bass and plinky plonky goodness combine to evoke a yesteryear wonderland. All the while, vocalist Bronte Shande’s jazzy-folk tones perfectly complement the vintage coo of alternate lead Rosina Buck above the wondrous arrangement.

Set to unveil their debut full-length ‘October’ early next year, the quartet look primed to break through.