There’s nothing contrived about Daniel Duke‘s wondrous folk. The Banbridge-born troubadour’s music is the result of relentless sofa-surfing with a tour-battered acoustic in tow, roving between ink-circled names on the UK map to share his soul-baring songcraft in person.

His live arsenal is extensive, but the Bright Eyes-ish ‘Borderline’ is the best he’s committed to tape yet – deservedly scooping a prize at the International Songwriting Competition. Although still in demo form, the recording has real warmth – like a slug of bourbon beside a roaring open flame – and Duke’s Peasant-like coos of devotion are mesmerizing amid gentle acoustic, plucks of banjo and harmonium that glows like smouldering coals.

His recent telly spots among Sir Tom‘s ranks on BBC’s The Voice UK, which are well on their way to collectively racking up more YouTube views than there are humans in his native Northern Ireland, are testament to his special talent, but it’s the promise of a self-penned summer album that has us especially giddy.