‘Wars’ is itself a melting pot of different genres, hashed together in a way that just seems to work. The lucid slow-rise in the beginning of the song is hazy and consistent, chiming along with Jose Gonzalez-esque vocals, albeit with a bit more attitude. Harsh and sharp drums kick in to juxtapose the atmosphere set down by earlier parts of the song, offering an unexpected, but welcome surprise. The winning moment for this song however came from the wave of effects-ridden, grungy guitars towards the end which secured ‘Wars’ as the first #FoundSound of the week.

The London-based singer certainly has strong talents, and can expertly cherry-pick sounds to suit her musical needs from track to track. Showing more diversity and bite than other female alt-rock artists such as Wolf Alice, Eliza Shaddad is a name that you’ll need to take note of for the future.