We got excited at 09:40. Not because it’s Back to the Future day and we’d just watched a special video message from Doc Brown over a bowl of cereal (although that is of course exciting by any other morning’s standards), but because it was the time Faces On TV dropped us this experimental pop concoction in a Tweet.

‘Love / Dead’ is a bold, trippy and eclectic mix – part hip hop instrumental, part slow-grooving psychedelia – from Belgian singer-songwriter Jasper Maekelberg. File him next to soft-focus jazz hop duo Slum Sociable (who we featured here back in August), because he too makes a velvety noise fit for the fug of an underground club.

There are also welcome hints of Beck in his genre-splicing, albeit if the Grammy Award-winner’s voice was swapped out for the husky coo of Glass Animals main man Dave Bayley.