Flags share the same knack for sky-facing euphoria as the gargantuan guitar pop bands of the noughties. Like Editors or Snow Patrol at their stadium-residing peak, their debut EP is brimful of mass-pleasing, lighters-aloft moments; ones that seem destined to air alongside a reflective sporting montage or under a grapy dusk to packed fields bestrewn with mud-splattered faces. Hell, an EP christened ‘Oil and Sparks’ even sounds like something dug up from Chris Martin‘s formative back catalogue.

Despite such similarities, what they do, they do with aplomb and there’s plenty more than just pastiche at play here. Rory Gilmore’s voice carries the title track with a shiver-inducing uniqueness, which falls somewhere between Marcus Mumford‘s baccy-glazed croon and the world-weary, throaty vocals of Cherry Ghost‘s Simon Aldred. His tender lyrics are given a leg up by trickling math-lite licks that eventually erupt into a cavernous climax; one that begs to be heard among a dazzling frenzy of lights.