In a week where Beyoncé released the album of her career, it’s hard to associate the word “formation” with anything other than the beastly closer off of Bey’s new LP. However, the South London pair of same namesake have such fizzing, fluttering potential they manage to dwarf the globe’s biggest superstar with a juxtaposing musical multiverse.

‘Pleasure’, the first original track Formation has released in 2016, is a downplayed dancefloor filler that runs at its own pace and behaves in an unpredictable manner. Brothers Will and Matt Ritson indulge in their adoration of heavyweights such as LCD Soundsystem and Hot Chip in an ode to the alternative disco, awash of misplaced percussive elements and a jerking vocal tied together by a rushing drum beat and radiant synth drone. Booming bass undertones beckon you into the darkness, where you release inhibitions and allow the beat to lead your body before a rushing chorus elevates you to the euphoria of 90s garage and techno.

It has as much opportunity to ostracise as to impress, but their bold grasp of genre and courage to present dance music so far from centre is wonderfully refreshing.