Brace yourselves; ‘Painful To Watch’ is easily one of the most infectious tunes we’ve had the pleasure of encountering this year.

The synthy new single from fast-rising quartet FOURS has one of those lightning bolt choruses that within a flash has burrowed into the skull and set up home there, refusing to vacate.

Hailing from London’s Shepherd’s Bush, the female-fronted newcomers sound like Paramore at their most overtly pop, with R&B rhythms that are Haim-tinged and Florence-aping hooks that soar and roar.

Singer Edith Violet flaunts her dynamic style throughout, putting a new spin on the impassioned delivery of Alabama Shakes’ Brittany Howard to making this unrequited love anthem a cathartic and rousing affair. As its final notes fade away, one thing’s for certain – post break-up retorts don’t come much more defiant than this.