FOURS, a band firmly on our radar for 2016, have returned this week with exceptional second single ‘Sickly Sweet’. As we approach the Autumn equinox, this quartet refuse to bid farewell to the summer season, with another supercharged number as sickly sweet as its namesake and as fast melting as the whippy cone adorning its cover art. It is certainly a worthy follow up to the pure, formulaic pop of ‘Painful To Watch’ and Edith Violet’s characterful voice is once again impassioned yet immaculate throughout.

The band have found a style in despondent joy, it is desperately danceable yet the subject matter is fairly depressing when you listen in detail. The choral hook of “you shouldn’t have loved me” is absolutely infectious, yet ultimately scathing. It follows a growing trend of the year, as the likes of Fickle Friends and Francis Lung have also mastered the combination with incredible outcomes. As we drift quickly into the final quarter of 2016 and reflect on those who are sure to be permeating the airwaves and festival tents of next year, we’d readily place our bets on this gleeful four-piece and their ineffable approach to the genre of pop.