It’s time to get acquainted with Geowulf, a new duo who make the sort of hazy 70s-tinged dream pop you could imagine hearing on Black Mirror’s ‘San Junipero’ soundtrack.

The boy-girl twosome, who originally met as teens on the Australian coast but have since hopped between London, Gothenburg and Berlin, will no doubt draw comparisons to Fleetwood Mac with the timeless ‘Don’t Talk About You’. Their stunning second single combines bittersweet melodies à la Stevie Nicks, cooing countrified guitar licks that recall First Aid Kit and swirling autoharp strums that shimmer like sun-dappled waves.

It’s these aspects that give the follow up to their introductory release a certain soft-focus nostalgia in the vein of fellow newcomers Saltwater Sun and Hazel English. Like those acts, Geowulf are much more than a throwback though and promise to be one of the most exciting bands of 2017.