Suckers for soaring cinematic synth pop rejoice; Ghosts In Daylight just might be your new favourites.

Combining glacial grandiosity with dreamy Nordic electronica whilst wearing the borrowed mantra “beauty is the new punk” on their sleeves, the London trio have conjured something quite majestic. Recent EP title track ‘Golden and Green’ is their brand of futuristic hooky euphoria at its most brilliant; think Lowell fronting a poppier Braids or Danielle Haim lending her lungs to a Radio 1-primed Rae Morris tune.

Although singer Meme Love’s floaty vocal brings something different to the whimsy of Welch, the fresh aesthetic of the trio has Flo written all over it. No longer purveyors of noir-ish electro, it’s this optimistic new outlook that makes Ghosts In Daylight glow.