Gourmet‘s production style is both playful and meticulously structured, throwing down delightfully bouncy instrumentals over tender, faux-shy vocals. ‘Forever Backwards’ has some notable influences, such as the uplifting gravitas of Dan Croll during his surge in popularity back in 2013, yet parts of the track show the producers’ individuality in droves, sampling jaw-wobbling bass drums and fuzzy guitar licks.

Having crafted a masterful style self-penned as ‘spaghetti pop’, he will stand out amongst other new artists on large compilation playlists; the kind of sound that makes you sit up and take notice. With a sound that both aligns with popular culture and the more experimental corners of the electronic spectrum, Gourmet may be able to slot himself in alongside other recently-signed artists such as Ben Khan, reaching out to fans that like their tracks with a little bit of extra gravy.

‘Forever Backwards’ is taken from his debut album Cashmere, out 29th December.