Hypnotic is the word that at once ricochets around our mind; this cavernous torch song conjured by London’s Grace Lightman is a delicately mesmerising thing. As if performed in a room illuminated by strange dancing candlelights, atmospheric first offering ‘Vapour Trails’ is intimate, confessional and instantly evocative.

“Drinking on my own again”, she coos, all Kate Bush-like over reverb-laden keys and subtle guitar brushes. Her words are to be hung upon, much like previously featured night balladeers Northeast Corridor or yesterday’s Ella Fence, and this unrequited sentiment is brought to life by San Felu (Liu Bei) whose magical production is sparse and selective.

Toeing the line between Daughter‘s dark ethereality and Del Rey‘s withered starlet rock, former psych band member Lightman could just be the 21st Century’s answer to Nico.