Spanish trio Guadalupe Plata make the devil’s music; ‘Calle 24’ cracks, spits and howls like an exotic, dancing flame and its creepy, psychedelic video – complete with disturbing feline doodles – will give even the most cool-blooded outlaw winkless nights.

Amidst the rasp and sonic smog lies some infectious cookshack blues with a red hot Hispanic flavour; imagine Os Mutantes behind the sound desk and The 13th Floor Elevators in the recording booth, with Howlin’ Wolf being the desired outcome.

It’s an evocative sound that seemingly belongs in the warped nightmares of Dust Bowl era cowboys, which makes it no surprise to learn that their hometown Úbeda is a famed location for Spaghetti Westerns.

Of course, if the band themselves ever landed starring roles in one of these gunslinger flicks, their hats would be black.