Perth band Gunns have made a hazy, wondrous thing in ‘Who’s Gonna Be Your Dog’. The stellar single is the latest to be taken from their forthcoming EP and is a nugget of dazed lo-fi, the sort that you could imagine soundtracking a sleepwalker’s dream as they’re navigating the labyrinthine long grass in a colourful, bucolic wonderland.

With its spaced-out vibe, built around a cavernous guitar line and twinkling keys, the track sounds like fellow West Coasters Pond stripped back and at half-speed. At its trippy core, lead singer Clinton Oliver’s lackadaisical rasp sounds like Youth Lagoon waking up from an intoxicated slumber.

With the Aussies soon to be hitting the road with Strokes legend Albert Hammond, Jnr., there’s little doubt that their hallucinogenic sound is set to fill ears and warp minds.