The quiet, considered indie folk of Woodson Black captured the imagination and attention of fans on both sides of the Atlantic in 2015 as he emerged as Haux. The elegant, unassuming structures of ‘Homegrown’ and ‘Caves’ garnered an exceptional following due to their shivering narratives and sparse structure. He has released his first new offering for 2016, ‘Seaside’, equally inspired by the striking landscapes of his hometown.

Mastering the ethereal, this is another piece of whimsical and highly introspective folk. Luscious, warming bass notes and a surplus of reverb ground Woodson’s otherwise aerial vocal delivery during its verse, before its chorus expands to tempt with an RnB-tinged tone as he drops into a far deeper range.

Once again this is an incredibly self-effacing performance style with an undeniably withdrawn narrative. The track has a self-contained momentum, a drama that is subtle yet omnipresent throughout. Through his music Haux has an incredible skill and ability to refrain from demanding attention while effortlessly commanding it all the same.