Hypnotic, understated and achingly simple, the debut single from Liverpool duo Her’s is a graceful, billowy trip. Initially underwhelming, its airy twinkling guitar line is actually one that burrows deep into the head and is so infectious that, now a gazillion plays in, we still fumble for a repeat as the final notes fade.

Singer Stephen Fitzpatrick’s low rasp is like Casablancas of The Strokes nailing the Berninger-baritone, but while he wavers the music is a steady constant, floating along like a dust-veiled dream pop mixtape featuring Wild Nothing and the like. The late 70s AM radio vibe is very Ariel Pink, but we think Her’s are most akin to hazy, synth pop futurist Husband Material, who also injects new life into something that feels just out of reach; familiar and yet not quite.